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Bridal Makeup

On Location services for 4 or more ladies
Feel Free to reach out if you dont hit our minimum, To see if we might be able accomodate

Bridal Hair
  1. Deposit To Book and Hold Wedding Date
    Deposit is Non- Refundable, comes off charges on wedding day
  2. Bridal Makeup Trial
    Includes false lashes
  3. Bride Makeup $125
    Includes choice of traditional or airbrush, false lashes & Travel fee
  4. Airbrush Makeup for bridesmaids/others
  5. Traditional makeup for Bridesmaids/ Others
  6. False Lashes Add on
  1. Deposit to Book and Hold Wedding Date
    Non- refundable, come off charges on wedding day
  2. Bridal Hair Trial
    Includes 1 or 2 different looks
  3. Bridal Hair $125
    Includes 1 style, Placing veil or head piece, Travel fee
  4. Bridesmaids Hair Style
    Includes 1 style
  5. Flower girls Or Little ones
    Includes 1 Style
Tips to Prepare
Services at The Studio
For any Unseen reason, a cancel before a wedding day without 30 day notice results in a $100 fee.
  1. Full set of Eyelash Extensions
    Lasts 3-4 weeks before needing a fill
  2. Lash fill
  3. Microblading Eyebrows
    includes initial appointment and retouch 4-6 weeks following
  4. Volume Lashes Full set
  5. See Chemical Peel Page for details on These services!
  6. Brow wax
    Brazilian- $50 Lip-$12 Underarms- $25

  • ​Come to trials & wedding day with day or 2 old hair, Clean hair ​does not hold.
  • ​Come to Makeup trial & Day of with a clean face, exfoliating the day or 2 before always makes for a flawless airbrush finish, also moisturize before coming in.
  • ​Come in with a good idea of what your looking for, hair and makeup. Helps us alot if you know exactly what you like and dont like.
  • ​If you have thinner hair, and want a thicker haired look, get your extentions before you come in for a trial so you can get the full effect.
  • ​Lash extentions are highly recommended
  • Gratuity to Artists Is not Included in Prices
  • If you book a bridal trial on a friday, there is a risk of cancelation due to booking of a wedding

​Lash Extentions-
  • Do not use oily makeup remover
  • ​Do not pick lash extentions, just brush them with clean mascara wand
  • ​clean off makeup around eyes with baby shampoo and water mixed
  • ​Mascara is not recommended to put on the lashes, as it makes the adheasive break down quicker, and makes a mess of the lashes
  • ​brush lashes down and spin the wand to keep them them in line

  • ​After procedure do not pick brows if they crust
  • ​do not put anything on them besides the ointment recommended for 2 weeks
  • ​no chemical peels or retin A for 2 months following
  • ​keep brows from tap water when just had them done, dont want an infection! keep out of water for 3-4 days
  • ​let madison know if have any questions regarding this procedure

  • ​For body waxing, legs, undearms, brazilian, bikini i recommend 2 weeks hair growth at least